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      • Leo
        Leo says:

        Thank you. as you can see I am very new at this. I see you have spacers in your mount. were they part of the kit as well? I look at the page and it does not seem to show or mention it in the site, My German is limited and I think Google translate is lying to me. hope you don’t mind answering a few more questions.

          • vincent
            vincent says:

            The CAD files aren’t parametric. But Sketchup is easy, you could change the files for yourself.


        • vincent
          vincent says:

          The spacers aren’t necessary – I wan’t to have the nozzle as close at possible to the „platfrom“ -> to minimize the position change of the Hot-End during the „platform-wobble“.

          No, there weren’t part of the kit. I bought mine at a local hardwareshop. Washers should do the job as well.

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